Men, Women and Money

There’s a myth among men that it takes money to get a woman. This is not entirely true. It takes money to get a bad woman. Real women go after your heart not your wallet BUT there is a happy medium that you should strive for. I’m not a believer of the urban proverb that you can’t have «Gucci taste on a WalMart budget.

I believe you can get the woman you want without having the fancy car, the ocean front condo and a fat bank account but you can’t be a cheap ass either!

Some men would argue that most women are after your money and that no money equals no honey but you just can’t generalize. Yes, we live in a very materialistic world and more and more women seek financial security first and foremost but not all them! Girls that only date men with money do it for their own reasons. They are as insecure as the men that date them.
In my adult life I seem to go through a cycle of financial ups and down.

Fortunately more ups then downs but I have had my share of bad women that have taken me for everything I had. Just like some men exploit the emotional weaknesses of women, some women take advantage of the vulnerability of some men. The dangerous ones listen to you to find out what you’re lacking emotionally and manipulate you how they see fit.

Now there are some key questions you need to answer to know if you’ve crossed the line between being careful with your money and being cheap.

Have you used coupons to pay for a meal or part of a meal on a date?
Do you openly pride yourself on tipping less then 15%?
When you take your date out to eat, are you guilty of frequently bringing her to fast food restaurants?

When you order at the restaurant, do you tell your date what she ordered is too expensive and tell her to pick something cheaper?

  1. Do you dissuade your date from having wine or expensive drinks with her meal when you’re eating out?
  2. Do you have your date pick you up in her car so you save on gas?
  3. Do you eat before your date so you don’t overspend on the meal?
  4. Do you only bring your first dates out for coffee because it’s cheaper?
  5. Do you bring your dates thrift shopping with you?

If you answered yes to any of these, you’re a cheap ass and shouldn’t be dating. When I’m single and I don’t have money, I don’t date. What’s the use of dating if you find yourself in a precarious financial situation? Although they have great values and principles, good women don’t deserve a stingy man. Just because they’re humble doesn’t mean you have to be a penny-pincher.

As for her, you shouldn’t be with a woman that expects you to pay for everything if you have an average job

When a relationship becomes conditional to you paying the bills, her intentions are questionable. Women that accept a relationship on condition that a man has good credit should be avoided too…as matter of fact girls that do that are so creepy and shallow.

I’ve spent years of my life spoiling the wrong women when I had money and making the good ones suffer unintentionally through my lows. It’s not reasonable to the good girls to be a tightwad.

The following are signs to watch out for to spot a gold digger

Narcissistic behavior; Women that think everything is owed to them and that the world revolves around them. Daddies little princess won’t settle for less then what she wants

They talk about their financial problems; Most of the time, women who do this expect you to say you’ll help them out. The moment you do, you’ll be expected to keep doing it.

You’re giving more then you’re getting; Gold diggers are notorious for selfishness and taking everything. Her needs always seem to be more important then yours.

Expensive tastes; From what she wears to the jewellery she owns to wear she likes to shop. Her tastes are a clear indication of her motivations.
Her books and magazines; If her home has more magazines about yachting and glamour then cooking and gardening, you’re in trouble.

Dreams big; Ask her what her dream home would be like. It gives clear insight into her interests.

I’m usually very direct with women

I tell them things like; «Are you humble? Because I’m not a wealthy man. I’m honest and hardworking but not wealthy» Their reaction and body language to my statement reveals if I’m losing my time or not. I’ve also asked on first dates; «How important is it for you that your man be financially secure?» If they’re offended or overreact to your questions you’ll know she’s a gold digger.

Whatever you do, don’t project that you have money when you don’t. Be truthful about your finances because unrealistic projection will lead to unrealistic expectations.

As a final thought, remember that the kind of energy you give out has a direct correlation with the energy you attract. A real woman will be by your side for richer or poorer.